Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello There:)

Life back to normal....I am so relief... Renovation 98% completed...I start moving my precious rubbish into my new creative space..just need to do some arrangement, which can long as the space are ready...

waiting to be hung again on the wall
March gonna be  a busy month to me with Penang trip, ecodesign event, wedding and maybe bazaar...How busy it is, I am going to have fun and feel grateful with every involvement I made... I hope you feeling good and happy too:)
Arissa bought mosaic from etsy market, done it as a gift to me
I am open up myself to many possibilities..exploring the idea that I never thought I will do it before... surrender following the flow beyond reach...and life seem more meaningful with colours... I remember someone said isn't life should be an episodes with drama, tragedy, sadness, happiness etc? If the story line is same thing all the way to the end it will become monotonous and boring...

I am avoiding myself, being over worried but enjoying every moments and celebrate small little success and rewarding myself....Alhamdullilah God seems close and becomes my best friend that never disappoint me. 

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*Dream Weaver* said...

I like what you said about God being close to you and becoming your shadow and that He is your best friend.

He is mine too :)