Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello There:)

Another day before the book binding workshop...I am kind of going crazy this few days with so many task need to be done. I am glad that my husband get an Indonesian helper to come yesterday to help with house cleaning. Thankssss God. And she will come again tomorrow to help...phhhheeewww.

House kind of chaotic at this moment. The worker will only start their work on either tomorrow or Saturday after the long break of Chinese New Year...At this moment I just don't be bother with the condition of my house, nothing I can do about it dusty and messy... no guest allowed, only close friend. They just need  to finish up with tiling job, painting, wiring and plumbing. Which I really hope they can finish it within 1 week.... Can't wait to move to my own tiny creative space. My craft stuff occupied almost half of my living room. We almost get used to the scene already:(

As for the workshop, 13 students has confirmed, more than I expected, gonna get extra table and chair...and I am so excited...12 years old is the is like an experimenting if young student could cope as much as an adult 18 and above. But Lyana (that's her name) is so much matured than her age. I also invited Jay and Vivian from CUTOUT magazine. I am happy to be able to drag them from their busy life. They both are the founder of CUTOUT Magazine. I am touch that they wanna come and give support of what I am doing... I hope they will enjoy the workshop whereby I personally feel like an escapisme to be surrounded by the same people that passionate to learn and have the same common interest. They have gift to everyone..SURPRISE:)

Finished pitching job and consignment order. Lina will pick it up by Saturday and bring it to Penang.. and with the amount of space it going to take, I am not sure if Lina be able to take them all. But anyhow I am going to Penang 5&6 next month.

I need to speed up for the following week for etsy market, Saturday the  19th...and on wed almost all girls from LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 3 will ronda-ronda cari materials at Pudu...

Long list of order waiting for me and ideas need to be implement...oooohhh I am so excited.. I am riding a roller coaster..happy ride for sure:)

take care & nite//syam

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