Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Day To Go..

I had a great time as always.....Biggest class so far...
Some still need to master the binding system, some cope pretty well.
Seems like the 12 years old Ilyana facing no problem to cope, which was cool.
13 students participated in the workshop:

226 - Ooi Eu Geen - sales & marketing
227 - Suen Jia Ming - writer
228 - Shazwan Taib - Designer
229 - Kelly Koo - online craft fabric seller / sales & marketing. check her at
230 - Vivian Toh - founder of CUTOUT Mag/editor
231 - Jay Lim - founder of CUTOUT Mag / designer
232 - Chan Lei Ching - DTP Artist
233- Nadiah Humairah binti Sudirman - Secondary School Student. 
236 - Nadiah Maisarah binti Sudirman - Secondary School Student
235 - Ilyana Ibrahim - Secondary School Student
236 - Nadhrah Maidin - Art Teacher and Scrap Booking crafter. Check her blog

Eita- IT project manager cum my assistant of the day:)
Desmond -Designer-rejoining student

Need to retire earlier tonight...will post more photos stay tune:) Nite frens//syam


Fabric Fanatics said...

My name wrong again. uwah uwah
Is Kelly Koo ler...

Little Syam said...

I posted yesterday..will amend accordingly sorry:P