Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recharging and Work Continued...

Nandos for lunch...(Not So Brave..we are like tourist)
I took a day time off, brought over Eve, Shuku, Agnes & Shereen for supplies shopping.... What a hours but still not cover everything..

beautiful colours from different culture
Now need to speed up to finish up unfinished task:
1) Tote Bag
2) Hanging Mobile
3) Dolltopia
4) Handmade books
5) Wind Chime
6) Commission work for Japanese binding

Pheeeewwww and I only have 2 days to finish all above:)   yeeeeee   haaaaaa

..I am happy to see a progress on my renovation.....


Evelin said...

hehehehe... ya... not enough... now my turn to panic!
I also have a lot to finish and I'm not superwoman like you... how la .... >.<

Little Syam said...

dun want to think..just do it...everything gonna be alright. bawa saja apa yang ada...nasib baik one day only.