Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hep..hep hoooray

Another task accomplished....finished my Etsy Crafty up with many other nice vendors... Do not have much stuff but good to be part of them...Now I can really sit down to do some thinking on new products and design.

Ohhh many students from book binding workshop dropby:
Agnes came with her cute little girls, Nadhrah, with her two handsome boy, little girls and mom.
Desmond with friend..thanks for purchasing my skinny bunny and  hanging mobile
Kak Mia, my ex designer from PETRONAS ; thanks for purchasing my Teddy bunny.

hand made goat milk soap - going to purchase this after finish up my origin soap
- equally good, cheap and the smell is sooooo nice:)
me & zaklean
Zaklean, brought over her 2 girls and boy..thanks for purchasing my Teddy Bunny..
Eve and Kelly are there selling their artsy craft
Ching aka icewinx
I am with Niwarna from My Glass Cubicle

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