Wednesday, August 01, 2012


  • It gave me such high satisfaction & pleasure; which words can't never describe after putting all material together from loose paper becoming a complete book...

    and I love this conversation:)

    Ooi Eu Geen Yes, I always amaze myself :)
    30 minutes ago · 

  • Samsiah Jendol putting the effort on every single fold and about sweat and blood errrk of getting poke.... ha ha ha
    27 minutes ago · 

  • Ooi Eu Geen Undoing all the stitches and re-doing again hahahaha
    24 minutes ago · 

  • Samsiah Jendol break the thread, tore the paper & tighten every single movement...It does teach patient & passion, and controlling anger whenever thread gets tangle...
    21 minutes ago · 

  • Ooi Eu Geen oh ya, when thread gets tangled...the zen of book binding ;p
    20 minutes ago · 

  • 19 minutes ago · 

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Lady Windsor said...

Cap ayam! Arghhhh I suka!