Monday, August 06, 2012


I am working on new book cover design along with an old design with improved version. 
Most of my mould are all spoilt:(
YES I do not spent on fancy clothes anymore ...
all money are now used on my art and craft...
but it does make me happy than wearing pretty dresses..
These picture was taken  during Iftar at my sister in laws. 
So looking forward to every Saturday and Sunday. 
When all my hubby family members get together. 
These are time when my sister in law spoilt us with many type of foods. 
And I don't have to think about menu for buka puasa for this two days. 

Do you notice that I do not post any pictures of food I've cooked? 
I promise myself to have such a moderate meal everyday.
Nothing special about the food but more to the ibadah I had gone through. 
I don't even go to any Bazaar Ramadhan except when I was at hometown. 
When your tummy are hungry you tend to overly spent and buy anything unnecessary. 
This is the modest Ramadhan ever and it is more meaningful this way. 
Kick off of Repurposed Challenge for my LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop group..
Using up my Carton Box of Dime juice.
Trying out bind using button hole technique... 
Mini book of birdie 
Arissa made this and put on my laptop..happy doggie face or maybe cat???
When I flipped the ear these are two words pop out: 
Jangan putus asa (never give up) & Berusaha (keep trying)
Just the right words I really need at this moment.
Starbuck flyer to become my second book cover
the challenge had begun

final look of the book but I felt it was overly done; 
mmm didn't quite like it:(

Love this mural
 Art could capture and convey messages effectively. 
Hoping that the government & authority will listen.
Talented street artist expressing views and opinions.

Gigi palsu anyone? 

Posh looking building

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Lady Windsor said...

ooo button hole binding? bila boleh jumpa? nak belajarlah...:)