Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Instagram:)

I had a nice ride  of LRT to Bandaraya with Arissa & Syamil just now...  and looking at the time we went, we gonna have buka puasa outside today. And oh dear, thousands of people did their last minute shopping and all restaurants, cafes or even a food courts are all fully booked. 

Had a drink and cheese stick for alas perut, while waiting for an empty space to have our proper dinner. Such a bad timing but kind of interesting experience too.

Arissa got really excited, I couldn't remember the last time I ride the LRT. Better to avoid driving especially around this time and LRT are so reliable & convenience. There are not so many people heading to KL. They have token system and you could purchase the token through vending machine. I remember when I went to Japan, 2 years back..vending machines were everywhere, maybe these are good too rather than looking at some customer service that hardly smile:)
We found a small little nice cafe at secluded area, in the ground floor of Sogo Shopping Mall.
And the cafe called Shogo..and all staffs are really nice and friendly especially in handling customer like Syamil, that are so bossy and precise in what he wants.

Warm water are supposed to be warm not cold and 10 minutes are supposedly to be sharp 10 minutes and not 10 minutes and 1 second. Hissssshhh...
I never taught him to behave like that, but YES that just the way he is... 
It was quite a heavy meal to me but still I had ordered a lamb shoulder... 

LRT was really packed on the way back from KL.
I bought myself a pair of deep red pump flat shoe for only RM29:)
And another deep red of Dr Marten. Treat that I deserved once in a while:)
And I never compromise a nice comfy shoe..yeaayyy
Another order of Our Adventure book from US:)

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