Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Things:)

Silkscreen job for bag, Maya my sis in law going to bring this to Mecca for Umrah
End product, I dont quite satisfied with the end product...
the fabric for inside are too thick, and my sewing kind of a bit messy:(
I am making the 2nd piece
Oh YES, I love this much better...
I am making this for Pi Chuey, she attended my workshop long time ago,
from there we have a good bonding.  I don't like to go to wedding,  I always avoid going to wedding.
But I cant skip to go to hers.. I hope she like this Our Adventure Book.
I am going to send this to Suzie's newly born, Puteri Cinta Amani 
Aren't she look so pretty? She wearing white gown earlier and she look so dashing
.. and YES she is tall too:)
Cutting cake ceremony
In the midst of making sample book for upcoming poster.
I am planning to have workshop on 8&9 September and will offer
4 different type of binding technique for four slots.
So watch for the new announcement!


Lady Windsor said...

Hi Syam, 8&9 Sept...hmmm...4 diff style..phew..rugi ni kalau tak attend...:)

Little Syam said...


Life In Here said...

Hi ... would like to enquire ... usually where do you go for your fabric shopping? i recognized two the pieces on this photo, but the others, look quite nice... would you mind to share please? the reason I'm asking, coz I'm into doing patchwork and needs lots of cotton fabric and hopefully, not so expensive type . . . . :D Cheers!

Little Syam said...
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Little Syam said...

hi there, basically some are from normal shop like Kamdar, Fabric Fanatic (expensive american cotton) & some are collection from over 10 years.s