Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Story

Ha ha, typical of me choosing the header topic "Random", because all stories are dump under one post. I had a great Raya. It was such a nice moment that I really looking forward to, especially when the whole family could get together. Time like this are precious to me.

We went to Melaka to visit relative from my side and  drive to Johor to visit my another half's relative too.

I just can't avoid all the delicious food, and as usual gaining 2-3 kg during Raya celebration are pretty normal every year, eeehemmm:)

Going back to KL on Thursday to continue my so called normal routine. Rushing out craft stocks for Fuyoh Art Bazaar held at Publika today. Still in raya mode being lazy and I am taking things in very slow pace. I still remember 2 years back, when I first participated in Bazaar..I am more organise... within this 2 years time, situation really suck much of my energy, sometimes I treat life
way too laid back. And blame it to age factor.

But I always enjoy going to Bazaar, moment where I spend to talk to people, meet real customers, and I still enthusiastic and passionate to talk about my love of art & craft especially my product. I felt recharging my energy meet up with crafter buddy and I do hope I will feel exactly the same for more years to come.
Some products for display

Beautiful Adrianna & Isabella Benardo
Looking forward for another week with few tasks to accomplish. I wish all of you having a wonderful & productive week too:) love always//syam

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