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Task of the Day: Rescuing Baby Birdie:)

I never saw baby bird this close, it fell from higher place to the floor, now I am putting it back to the nest....Lucky I saw it still alive on the floor, before the ant or cat came, amazing that nothing broken....hope the mom will come to take care of it ASAP...


Lady Windsor said…
ouchh! i never see naked baby bird...sian dia..mesti trauma tu..!
Little Syam said…
memang sangat kesian, it crawling on the floor. Lucky I have cushion bench, it think it landed on those before fell on floor...sangat togel, we are all panic, and my daughter asyik cakap kesian dyer dia...I climbed up and put back in the nest...hope oklah not.. Now I am thinking to make a proper bird nest for them...

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