Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Busy week:)

It's felt like been a while since I post anything, reason because Unifi been cut out...such a delay on payment made because Mr Hubby forgot the password and we have to personally find Unifi counter and made a payment real soon...pheeewww

It going to be a busy week, with 2 classes, 2 interviews, 2 books of Our Adventure Book to finish and trip to south by Friday attending a wedding....my first nephew, my eldest sister's son got married. The first grandchild of our family.

Syamil are getting a bit angry because the school holiday was going to end up soon and the trip to North got cancelled due to Mommy are too busy with many things to handle at one time.

But I am glad that I had completed some task, replenished some craft stock. I will catch up with all of you soon. Surfing the internet and blogging from Kluang Station was such a very non strategic place...

I had loads of pictures to download... Be good ya//syam


Lady Windsor said...

Ouch! Blogging from Kluang Station? Cool! Anyway I did an entry about Gegurl @ boncoir cava..:)

Little Syam said...

Ok I got connected agai..after the damage of bill that nearly 800...I saw the entry....already