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Mission Accomplished

It's been a great day at Fuyoh Art Bazaar. It felt like a gathering where I met up old friends from my previous jobs and student time, crafter friends and many students from book binding workshop. It was all worth while and I forgot that I am only sleeping few hours last night.
Here are small buyer for my gegurl; Jadalyla, Megan & Jeslina
It was such a relief...and I really like the environment at FAB and definitely will join again if time permits me to do so. I was located opposite OutDated, it was great to be nearer to Rom's lovely showroom.

I am surrounded by many babies today. Lily dropby with Ahboy,
I felt like to bite her chubby cheek whenever I saw him. Vivian,
student from workshop dropby and she bring her two girls along...
It was so good to see her again after so long.
I've been so busy talking, and Eita was there to accompany...Thank you babe:)

Thanks for all your support, your appreciation even just to say hi meant a lot to me. Many unexpected familiar faces & friends; Mindy, Christina, Nani that alway find a reason to purchase my dolltopia each time, Mamasan, Melissa, Cik Jai & Wife, Taquddin, Vivian, Suja, Lily&Ahboy, Iqa&Arina, Iris & Mom, Pouline&HCFoo, Erika&Megan. Thanks Bremen & Ajeem for lovely postcard. It was such a great and wonderful Sunday.....

---and now it's time to take a good rest & I am sure will smile in my dream..Nite all:) //syam


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