Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonderful Day:)

I slept at 5am last night. I've got to finish up a proposal of corporate identity for a new client right away after my meeting at 11.30pm with another client. Last minute request, and as usual I just don't know how to say NO...haaaissssh.

Woke up 3 hours later to get ready to facilitate the children workshop at PETRONAS gallery. Looking at number of kiddos coming just make me so happy; 40 kids... I am teaching them the method of Paper Mache and then making a vase/labu sayung out of it and in between while waiting for Paper Mache to dry, I taught them how to make a bookmark and card using a weaving technique/anyaman tikar.

With the number of overwhelming participation, I am glad to had Eita to assist. Some doing well and some losing patient...but the climax of looking at their excited face poking the balloon at the end of workshop was just so overwhelming...LOL

The corporate identity's client called at the end of workshop saying that they like some of corporate identity I proposed and they have narrowed down the selection with some changes here and there...and that was just a great ending for such a very hectic day... and now I can sleep peacefully, before another day tomorrow that will fill with adrenaline rush...just like a happy roller coaster.

Good night all... have a sweet dreamzzzzZZZZZzzzz.

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