Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trip to South

It felt good to be out from KL. To look at the blue sky, to smell cleaner air and meet up with loves one was all I need. It was such a rush trip attending a wedding of Fikri, the first grandson of the family, at bride side in Kluang Johor. Rushing back to Gemas, and fetched to Kluang by Kak Ita...stay over night, and rushed back to Melaka, visiting Busu at hospital due to heart complication and go back to Gemas, stay overnight and went back to KL this morning...

Enjoy photo captured:)
Enjoying beautiful view along the way

We had durian, it was the season and my choice; Durian Kampung

With one lafaz nikah, they are now husband and wife

I promise myself to stay longer next time. Rushing as much things before fasting month, and I am taking a break from activities like bazaar and workshop and active again for September...

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Lady Windsor said...

Wow! nice pic Syam, you have a sharp eyes...:)hmm busynya ya..:)