Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Sunday

I love Sunday, been sleeping half of the day to recharge my energy ... and now awake to finish up the Spell Book for Harry potter birthday party theme's door gift to be delivered tomorrow. After my workshop yesterday, I went to Publika to deliver my dolltopia to Locus..yeaay someone bought the owl right away after I delivered them..Happy:)

Went to Mid Valley to meet Lina after that and pass her Our Adventure book and Gegurl she had ordered. Lina, Eita and me went for fabric shopping at Kamdar, and the damage is over RM300. I always crazy about fabric and never had enough... we then had a chit chat while having nasi kerabu at Belanga, not realize that time are running late.

Had a blast day yesterday, interesting session I had at KDU. 25 students came and I had a great time. Thanks to KDU especially to Pouline and HC Foo for their initiative to organize series of Zakka Workshops, from June to August. Foods they served are yummy too..

All students came are full of passion and I hope they had enjoyed learning the skill.. Till we meet again...Thanks to Eita for the assistance. Have  great Sunday all//syam

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hcfoo said...

Thumbs up for the workshop conducted by Syam. It was really inspiring and fulfilling :)