Sunday, May 20, 2012


I can't believe, it's been 2 years and my number of student now officially; 400th. I have more than 400 but these are all counted based on certificate I gave out. I remember the first workshop I had two years ago, the number not as many as now, I am making every possible publicity, looking at venue, kind of nervous if everything might went wrong. The riding since day one is the most precious journey I've experienced.

I've changed the workshop flow a bit different, try to accommodate based on limited time I had but for the same focus, reason and mission.

I met many wonderful enthusiastic people, with many character, build up a friendship even a networking, something that I can never imagine could happen to me. And I do meet with people, that looking at the skill as an opportunity too.... I had to focus on my intention and ignore some negative side of it, not much but sometimes can be quite irritating. I enjoy every single moment and every student I had met have a very soft spot in my heart.

I may not live that much long in this earth. I  am now passing on the skill from encouragement of my Guru, Larry, spreading the skill of love. He left the legacy for me to continue and I will do exactly the same, my own version, my own way but he will always there to inspire me. It's been I year and 20 days since he was gone... I am sure he was really proud of me, and he peeping in sometimes to make sure I am alright.

Here are some pictures from my workshop at (monster craft) yesterday. I had a wonderful time there, Steve and Icy such a wonderful host and they have huge space...Looking forward to have another workshop there..been discussing maybe on 1st of July. Eita had assisted me yesterday. I am grateful to have her to help handling big number of students..Enjoy the picture:)

Top: Morning Session
Bottom: Afternoon Session
Demo time: I have husband & wife (Ezalman & Esyikeen), Sisters (Pek Nee & Pek May),
Haslina, Icy, Intan,  Lady Winsor (Shasha), Dodo, Yen Ni, Melanie & Yu Mei

May (Coptic Stitch Session)

Renee (Coptic Stitch Session)
Kettle Stitch Session 
Coptic Stitch Session

Yu Mei
Herlany & Eita
Reflect back, I am blessed to be surrounded by people who always believe in what I am doing...I will continue as long as I could. If I am no longer around, I am now confidently could smile that there going to be many of others that will continue what I've started and I hope they will keep spreading the skill with so much love and passion, because love and passion is so highly matter to me...

Kind of a very emotional post this time..LOL:) blame it to hormone, but sincerely, I won't trade the experience of the past 2 years with anything.



Shirl said...

Hi Syam,
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm really proud to say that I am one the the 400 fortunate people to learn from you :) You are a teacher with a big heart!

Lady Windsor said...

Syam thanks for the lovely session yesterday. I must admitt that it was among a very warm friendly workshop that i ever had..looking forward for the next workshop..:) hv a gud day then!

Little Syam said...

Hi Shirl,

I am being so bless to have all of you too..It's been a while since I saw you, hope things are great at the other side:) hugs//syam

Little Syam said...

Shasha aka Lady Windsor,

Been so busy and hoping to catch up with you for coffee soon, thanks for coming..It was very pleasant to have you around... TQ//syam