Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Invited:)

I am invited by designer friend Oh n Ah to be part of artist and designer to showcase during their store launch this Sunday, 27 May from 12pm-4pm at 9, Jalan Riong, Bangsar.
Here are map:

I may sell some of my products too. It going to be a nice event with loads of wonderful stuff.

All Invited, so better mark your date folk...I am so looking forward:)


Lady Windsor said...

Aaaa? Which part of Jalan Riong??? Okeh whatever, i will visit u Syam, so close to my work place..ntahnya sama building..hehe!

Little Syam said...

Jomlah, my barang tak banyak pun, tapi since they invite, I just go to support:) Mana yang sempatlah... Jalan Riong, kat mana? Tanya orang Pandan memanglah tak tahu, but they did mentioned it was somewhere kat junction masuk Petronas, ... eh your office there... jomlah datang:)

Ni dia link: