Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Day:)

Hello there....I am pretty busy with some work in progress; custom orders for book and guest book, art & craft for Oh n Ah opening store this Sunday and proposal for corporate identity. I am moving from one job to another, all very exciting. Look like my plan to travel need to be postponed after raya. I am planning to take a time break..looking for new inspiration somewhere with my good friend Lina.

Next Thursday going to be my last day with batch 113, at Dasein Academy of Art. How time flies, and I definitely going to miss all of them.
Job in progress, I am making some adjustment on the font and color.
Making this into real book soon.

I will probably will held a children workshop at Petronas Gallery, sometimes next week. The workshop are held conjunction with the exhibition of Kesultanan Di Raja Perak. I am thinking of teaching them how to make a Labu Sayung from Paper Mache'. Will share about this soon...have a great weekends all. //syam

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