Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amazing Day

Busy week, today especially. Thursday where I put aside everything and had my pleasant teaching day at Dasein. I started last year and I had taught and teaching 3 batch of students so far. Teaching was a satisfaction that I couldn't express through word.

Today is a BIG day, for my second batch DGD 113, because today was like a judgement day of their internal assessment. I am nervous, because the output somehow reflects me as an educationist too, ppphhheeew.

Looking at their progress, and see how they crawl, walking and running, and fall back..and bounce again was what make teaching interesting. Applied Design is subject whereby the lesson was full of fun exploring technique, discover the style, doing analytical thinking and implementation. 

I can feel every single struggle as student and how they strive, still searching for their own identity and look. Hopefully one day they will look back and feel how important the process and how useful the lesson they had learnt that could help their profession as a designer. And for that simple reason it make me happy for being part, contributed to their learning process, just bit of it.

look at what I've received today:)

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