Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White Flower

I can't live without plant or green around me. I adore my mom that has green thumb. She can grow almost any plant. To be surrounded by nature make me feel close to her, reminding me of my root, familiar ambience I used to grown up.

If I've given a choice between big house with small garden or big garden with small house, my obvious and definite choice going to be big garden with small house..

Rare flower that I don't know what its name, I call it white daffodil,
given to me by my mom 7 years ago.
Produce flower only twice a year.

I ate lots of Pesto, try to grow some Basil
Water lily
Looks like Alamanda to me, cripple type:)
Plant is the best therapy for me...I don't have any proper land and I plant most of it in the pot. Basic herbs like curry, lemon grass, pandan, kaffir leaf, leafy plant and many of white flowers.

I inspired by nature and most of my artwork will have nature somehow in it. It be able to make me breath and looking at thing at better perspective:)


Lady Windsor said...

Yerp..gardening is the best therapeutic for some of for latest therapeutic is book binding..hehe...:)

thesewingroomdiva said...

hi syam,

thank you for the photos of those lovely white flowers. such magical beauty. taken with your nikon d3100, i presume :)