Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011

I had a wonderful time at Urbanscapes...the crowd were overwhelming just like what I've been imagined and YES I am talking none stop LOL. I've met many wonderful people. Thanks for puchasing LittleSyam products:)
Lingggggggggg>>> sweet girl
and I love looking at people reaction towards my products 
My setup:) 
Top: Safinaz...baaaa caaaak
Bottom: Teddy Bunny adopted by sweet Ella:)
Urbanscapes 2011 at Padang Astaka
I remember a few names that kind to drop by and give support; Ling that been so kind adopting my Dolltopia Owl, Ella and dad adopting Teddy Bunny and another 2 girls adopting Owl and Duckie. Jennifer if I am not mistaken that purchased my notebook. I am so touched when she felt inspired by the quote inside the book... Emi & sister...Joanne and Nana, Gigi... oh so many people...thanks 100000000x.

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Anonymous said...

holla from *bisou* bonbon your neighbouring stall! love your stuff and would love to attend your bookbinding workshop one day :)