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Have a Peaceful Sunday:)

You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note - Doug Floyd

Have a peaceful Sunday, May we learn something from yesterday:) My heart beat are pumping faster and my pray that everything will end up peacefully. The government are implemented their agenda without considering what people want. I am not saying all of them but some area are not taken care as what people want. Don't they realise they are supported by people. They are voice of people. The one that hold the power should stop being complacent, so much tension, too much rumours in the air, people just want the betterment for Malaysia. Look at the root cause than pointing fingers to each other.

I am scared where my children heading to but at the same time I am grateful that our country are much better than certain country. But I am sure things can be better. Not easy to have a multi racial people, whereby each of individual needs, sensitivity need to be taken care from every angle. What I hope is we could live without prejudice, respecting each other and smile.



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