Saturday, July 09, 2011

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 8 >>> 7&8 July 2011

I had so much fun, 5 students came for my Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 8. Most of them are not a full time crafter, but the passion to learn the new skill what brought them to the workshop. Sofina and Safiyya are the 2 sisters both 9 and 11 years old that came back from Oman for summer holiday. I hope they could memorise the binding technique I taught them. The rest pick up very well and have done a good and very neat job for the first book they made. Well done:)
Mei Ru...come on... you can do it:)
Yeaaayyyyy graduated students from workshop 8 & their works:)

Cheeky sisters Sofina & Safiyya
Top: Sofina & Safiyya
Bottom: Jia Mayne
Student's master piece
With Mei Ru & sudent's master piece
Shirl; borong all the fancy ribbons & materials
We went to a field trip, and it was convenient because the workshop was held on the weekdays..I can see everyone eyes sparkling looking at material available in my favourite supplier shop. LOL.

Time seems flies really fast. My hope are they will keep practising the skill. Caiyoooook:) //syam


Shirl said...

Cikguuuuuu...tq very much for a wonderful session! Can't wait to join the coptic class! I made another book this afternoon to practice my kettle stitch, and I'll send you a pic a little later.

Have a great weekend!

Little Syam said...

Your kettle stitch looks was quite easy kan....and I am sure it is addictive too... Buat banyak2 then can start selling:)

AngelKein♥ said...

I want to learn too! :(

Blossom inch said...

i so wanna go to that kedai, bawak i nanti Kak Syam!!!!