Friday, July 15, 2011

Gloomy Friday

I have a few photos to share but my external memory card reader gone kaput again...grrrr. What a gloomy Friday today..and I hope I can just continue sleeping...but still so many things need to be taken care of. I just finished my consignment order for Tropical Spices Garden and I only have one day to produce products for Urbanscapes. Used to be panicking whenever there are any bazaar but I am taking it easy...Just bring whatever I have and just have fun.

WHAT you going to expect from me is books and many note books, some bag and tshirt , few painting and dolltopia & plushies hanging mobile. Lina will bring her lovely stool, bag and new products hairband. Safinaz will bring bags, batu seremban and many fabric based products. So look for us at booth number 06.  Say hi, if you dropby. I imagining myself busy talking and have fun.

Have a great Friday and looking forwards for the Urbanscapes & Creative Muse.
See you around//syam

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