Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Binding Workshop 10 > 25 July 2011 dan lain-lain:)

I had a great time yesterday. Old friend of mine Tips sent her 3 kids to Little Syam Book Binding workshop. We had a marathon schedule right from 10am till 12am at night:) I am glad I had separated them from workshop 09. They need a different module and approach. I managed to teach them 3 methods; asanoha toji, simple PU leather notebook and kettle stitch binding. In between we went for a short field trip shopping for material supplies, lunch break and an evening end up went for a swim at Renaissance Hotel and supper at Shazana Cafe, Kg Bahru. Pheeeeww... what a wonderful and tight day.
Top: Khaliesah and Kabir
Bottom: Tips & Dalilah
And yeaayyyyyy I made my first sell at Etsy for my Owl hanging mobile big - my first buyer: Joy Kelly from United Kingdom... soooo happy:)

I only have 4 days left before Film Maker Bazaar (SAT) & Kiwanis Mini Charity Bazaar (SUN). I hope I could manage to produce some silkscreen painting by then.
Silkscreen mould on progress.

Here I would like to share beautiful book, Pi Chuey creations - 5 of them altogether price from RM25 to RM40. Grab or prebook any of them or you could come on the day of event itself.

beautiful detail of Pi Chuey creations:)
3 Top Books: RM25
Brown Paisley book: RM35
Chrochet: RM 40

I definitely going to have a busy day today..wish you have a wonderful week.


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