Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hello There:)

Durian session with Petronese. I miss my moment working with Petronas, this is my darling Kak Lili, Kak Miah and Kak Jue (hantu durian). HARD CORE>..<

Yup..Kak Jue ate all this:P 

Participated in Surprise Supplies Bazaar. Many familiar faces, students from workshop came. Eva, Lei Ching, Pooi, Cheryl & Jan, Pi excited to see them once again.  Looking at many familiar faces participated as a vendor too; Kelly from Fabric Fanatic & Darling YinZ:)

Sweet little Jasper:) 
YinZ darling selling beautiful button and many cute stuff.
 Panpan from pupurin selling fabric and plushies sewing kit.
Beii from handmade movement - check the handmade craft class organised by her.

NOTICE: Someone left glue in tube at my booth. Do contact me at to claim those. TQ

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