Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hello There:)

Hi, I've been so occupied with  jobs and there are also many things happened lately at one go.

I am helping out a good friend of mine, Lina to do the packing of hamper for Hari Raya. We are so busy doing the tagging, decorating and even deliver those hamper to the Platinum and Gold Enrich MAS member. Get to know Kak Linda that is sooooooo good in cooking. The cake was packaged in a very nice box designed by Lina.
Gold and Platinum Hamper filled with homemade dates and walnut cake.
Managed to snap beautiful flower from Kak Linda garden ...sooo pretty.
And hey I missed to wish all of you Happy Merdeka Day...but I dun think it is too late to do facebook status stated: "The one who thinks freely, thinks well... Happy Merdeka Day Everyone!"
Merdekakah kita???
Life nowadays is not as it used to be 10 years back, I hate reading newspaper where it full with load of issues that only make me more stress. YES I believe in the freedom of speech, express whatever we would like to say, but do think wisely before you let out your thought. As simple as receiving email that might touch the sensitivity of other ethnic, choice that you have is whether you going to spread/forward those to another 5 peoples and another 5 people will each spread/forward it to 5 other peoples. As a responsible individual, we have the power to filter all this nasty information that might caused chaotic or hatred.... so start thinking for all this small thing especially when we know that the source is not clear...

We live in a country and be friend with others from different background, opinion, race and religion. Aren't we all BERTUAH?? So do respect each other...just being wise. I can never imagine my life without a good friend like Uma or Amanda or Mary or Mei or Ah Ching or Gigi or.....we are all sooooo BERTUAH. The figure of 53 can never give any impact without us to reflect and embrace the truth meaning behind it.... forget about celebration or  political view, merdeka is  all about you and your inner. You got to be truly understand the perspective of being merdeka... phewww

I've attended a funeral of sweet Kristen Low the other day...she was a chief editor at my previous job place. She got a cancer all this while, where she always complaining of stomach ache, whenever we enjoying our Nasi Lemak breakfast at pantry. I left the company before that, but through friend I get to know that when she found out about it, it was already at stage 3 and it took her only 1 year before she's gone. Really sad, but she's such an angle that have a good heart and always surrounded by people that love her dearly...At my last look at her, I am somehow so happy that she looked so glowing, beautiful and peaceful. May you rest in peace my dear sweet Kristine. 

We are somehow will go through the same process. We might went through a different pace of life but we are all heading at one ultimate direction. Whatever it is..I personally believe we are here for a the ending will be measured by how we behave...So be nice:) It is not hard to do so.

I've never write this long. I am always the person with so little words...but..moment like this make me so grumpy ...ha ha. Have a great day whoever you are :) xoxo

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