Thursday, September 16, 2010

Intensively Create, Create, Create and Create

Hello all, I am back to my normal routine and as for Raya break as usual, time to get together with all siblings, but unfortunately I won't be able to share any shot here...some one, or may be me had accidentally deleted all 2000 pcs picture in my D70 Nikon...mmmm

Kind of amaze,  I am totally ignore the fact my archive of precious pictures has gone, erased totally, well maybe not yet till I need to use any of those pictures. Or probably I just do not want to think about it because I am incapable, nothing that I can do about it.

Here I would like to share my latest illustration where these characters will be translated to silkscreen mould for a few projects such as..hanging mobile character, accessories, book cover, maybe bag.... we will see how it goes... will update you soon with more visual/pictures. Soo till then...stay tune:)

From top: owl, elephant, roaster, fish, cat, sugar glider

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