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Happy Sunday:)

This is how I spend my Sunday..listening to list of favourite songs and instrumental from my iTunes. Jason Mraz, Yiruma, Zee Avi and Baskers from Japan, Umbrella to be specific while sewing the tote bag for my book binding workshop...with sound of dangling from hanging seashell touch each other looking through the window at back room cum studio. I hope you have a great Sunday too:)


Anonymous said…
sya u nya sewing machine apa? dija nya singer lama nya yg still guna disc pattern... but luv d machine. my fren bagi sbb mesin tu slow so dija pi repair just nz$60 ja so apa lagi bertrima kasih sungguh kat dia. heavy duty lagi tu. nanti dija ambik gambaq n upload on my fb. overlock lak baby lock ja beli $140. time ja yg x cukup... ambik la gambaq ur machine n upload sure lagi best ur blog hehehhe. pi lib dok keja pinjam buku sewing ja... my jewellery pun need to take photo la still x buat2 lagi.... tensionnya
Little Syam said…
Dija....nanti syam upload, it is my sister in law Singer machine, yang dia pinjam and seems like boleh pakai sampai bila2 because she doesnt need it anymore... bila dija balik sini, I am going to bring you to all the art supply especially jewelry..Found this shop that selling for very nice stuff and cheap.. I need to contact you also regarding of my friend that travel to NZ for 6 month on travel cum working visa...She might want to singgah to wellington:) We will chat once we online ya... by the way what's is overlock??? please set up blog life is so interesting to be captured..malaysian mommy in NZ... haaaa that can be the title lah
Anonymous said…
eh my machine pun singer yg lama n didn't make so much noise sgt sama la ngan my overlocker. overlocker tu yg jahit tepi so nampak kemas n also can create a design as well so u shd look into it too if i want. save time bila u use it.... try surf in online. i i knw i building kat kl is it menara mgm just around d corner the MAll. situ jual thgs murah dr jewellery, beg, baju, tudung, jam and a few other craft...

ya la nice title kan hehehe. rasa cam x sempat ja nak set up blog mana nak ambik gambaq my jewellery lagi n also scarves.... adoih masa masa kemana kau masa..... :) ni kat luar so sunny shd take d photos of my jewellery la... k talk to u later

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