Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Have a Nice Break & Happy Hari Raya:)

I am taking a long break and will be away from my computer till tuesday. Fasting month flies really fast..and all muslim will celebrate raya either on Thursday or Friday.

October going to be a busyyyyyyy month for me. Going to participate in Japanese Bazaar on 31st October, and American Bazaar on November. Need to speed up doing my craft...and there are one or two freelance graphic jobs on October need my urgent attention plus help my friend with proposal of merchandising items for local theme park plus my own proposal for place of interest after raya....pheww. Do not forget my book binding on 2 & 3 of October. Those projects will make me busy till end of year.

Got to turn down offer to involve in exhibition at Abu Dhabi:( I have a difficult time making decision because Atie, nanny, friend, sister cum helper will comeback to Indonesia for good on 31st October, the same day I suppose to fly. I will definitely miss her buzzing around...her food, and shoulder to cry on. And it not going to the same without her presence, since she has been with us for 6 years ++. From now on..I am going to be extremely busy with my own project plus housework...
sent by Lina via iphone from Ipoh
I am going to share a collaboration job with Lina. Lina is sooooo good with hand, she has combined my birdie with her wire work to become a hanging mobile....I likeeeeee:)

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