Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Syam in the mood of La...

I've been doing totally nothing this 3 days... I am supposed to go out for Creative Indulgence today..but the word LAZY, seems in capital letter and bold. My body felt aching..I need extra push and inspiration.. Still got a long list of things to do..but yet I feel those can be delay like nobody business. There are an order made for dolltopia, but since there are no I am in mood.

I went to get some groceries from Tesco. This picture was snapped from cereal box I purchased, which really inspired..Love the illustration, kind of wood cut style, with beautiful colour.

My purchasing drive was mostly because of the attractive packaging. Packaging act like a silence salesman. Instead of providing a protective layer it does performs many other function as well. Packaging can lend a special character to a product, enabling it to be distinguished from the competitors’ products. Important functions can also be assigned to packaging, including roles in advertising and sales promotions. The development of packaging for any product requires two basic design elements: design and function. As for user like me..I am attracted mostly because of  the design aspect, the aesthetic that appear physically like I mentioned is like a salesman that calling...BUY ME..BUY ME.

I've tasted the seed flake...mmm what can I say is I am not going to buy this product ever again:( a bit disappointed)

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Mescrap said...

I also attracted by beautiful packaging ..