Monday, August 23, 2010

Apam Kampung

The list of foods in this month of Ramadhan are flooded. Ramadhan Bazaar can be visited at many housing area with endless list of foods, which can be enjoyed by all races from different background. As for me the Ramadhan month is a sharing & family affair to thank Allah for the bless and rezeki. We had a big buka puasa with Kak Yam, Maya & Shakib  and friends from my husband workshop... Expect more than 10 people at home everyday and we have practice this for more than 6 years now.

Lucky that I have a "personal assistant" Atie, that are so good in cooking and housework. I can't imagine to handle all this by my own.

Here I would like to share a unique Apam Kampung (that's what they call it) where the mixture filled inside Rambai leaf, which is quite rare, as for me the first time I ever encounter with this unique Apam. The smell of leave added a nice aroma to it. Thumps up!


Abiggaill said...

Arghhh ainn nak rasa. sumpah kecur nie!
raya buatkan~~~

Little Syam said...

Ain, ni auntie syam jumpa masa balik hari tu...ada bazaar ramadhan kat depan masjid sg kelamah. Unique sangat..kan

Abiggaill said...

kat kg ke?? alahaii nakk..rasa dia macam apam biasa je ke atau rasa lain sikit?

Little Syam said...

dia ada masam-masam dan bau dia unique balik kg awal sikit, sekarang pasar ramadhan dia agak happening sikit:)