Monday, August 23, 2010


All these can be found at every corner of my Kampung House. Mom who seems to be able to get plants to grow well, where every single thing bloom and live in harmony. 

Lemon, Durian Belanda & Green Pea
MisaiKucing, Bunga Butang &
? not so sure what its name but it produce a nice sweet smell.
Ulam Raja...beautiful red colour
Wild Fern, Pegaga, dan wild Pokok Pepulut
(it produce a thorn small fruit where when it dried it will stick to the pant)
Pokok Ketam
Pokok Kacang Botol, nice for ulam
Pokok Kantan, it produce a flower that can be add on
into asam pedas for a nice aroma, look very exotic
Lumut that grew on brick, velvety kind of feel 
Pokok Bunga duri? Unknown
Nice Close up of beautiful.... weed 
Pinky nice flower? Unknown
Ulam Raja
Coffee, I like the nice smell of the white flower
Belimbing Besi, with striking deep red flower

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