Sunday, December 07, 2014


My life now was not planned accordingly as it used to be before. I am brave enough to take a risk and always to follow my instinct in making my own decision. I've been eyeing this space in Desa Pandan and saw TO LET signage and feel like to check it out. The rental are quite expensive and definitely will eat up my not so much income. But to work from my small home studio is no longer valid looking at mountain of material I have.

Of course there are still risk calculation need to be made to see if I could sustain the space but my desire to have my own space all this time is so overwhelming. I have few friends that seem so supportive and said yes let's do it.. but as expected when the time to commit, there are none that brave enough. But it doesn't matter.. I don't have to wait for anyone, I am determine the space are meant to be the best birthday gift ever. I been avoiding a commitment and this is not for me to prove to anyone but my own self. This is a progress I need to make and to have comfortable space is not free. And that's reality.

I have one month to do the renovation before renting it officially starting December. I have so much to do… I am basically will tear down all the room and will reconstruct the whole space. I want an open space.. with a dedicate workshop, shop, kitchen, sewing and working space.. will have my little surau too, all built accordingly to the practicality. I was introduced to Wak Nan that can only help me after working hour like 3 hours per day.

Get the PVC tiles to be peel off, to replace with timber look finished
Tight budget require the use of whatever material I have
The hollow box from last pop up shop in Publika in good used
With such tight budget and without help from anyone, I managed to do the renovation at least close to what I have in mind… Hubby help me to moving my stuff from home, I recycled and reuse whatever I have. I have nothing to rush so all the work will progress slowly for the whole month of November. Perhaps to have workshop in December here is not realistic…Mountain of stuff still need to repack and organise but looking at the space slowly coming together what make me so proud..and yeayy I made it:)

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Asma’ AB said...

I really want to come and help out Kak Syam ! InsyaAllah one day, hope sooner :) Nanti As demo secret belgian binding nak tak? *wink* *wink*