Sunday, December 07, 2014

I need a break

Mom gave me this plant few years back.. I am waiting for the flower that only came out twice a year.
It was sign of spring in my own world and I call it white daffodil

Taking a break mean having a good food. The sprout taste so good with avocado and scramble egg.
The studio was full of dust, there are still many progress to make.. I am waiting for my palette to arrive.
I am not going to buy any from Ikea, but to get Wak Nan to build a few accordingly to my need.
And this cat is my first visitor. She keeps coming back and knock on my door:)
Nothing better than to be away from KL. I brough Arissa and Syamil to experience the KTM ride to Gemas.
I miss my mom and my dad tremendously.
Due to my showcase in Wolo I wont be able to spend my Raya Haji with my family this year:(
The journey seems very nice but there are some sacrifice need to be made. 
I love my morning in kampung..looking at mom;s garden and the kabus was so serene:)

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