Sunday, December 07, 2014

Something in Between

I am grateful for a constant order receive from my etsy shop 
A note book /silkscreen printing workshop at birthday party with the theme maleficent.

I finally get my aircond fixed, Arissa was enjoying the cold temperature and sleep peacefully in the studio.
Get invited to have an exhibition for UMNO assembly under Wanita Kreatif
Menu design for Hammam Bistro, Moroccon concept fine dining.
Custome order from the wife to the husband:) 
This is the reason why I am not reluctant to involve in the exhibition.
 Maybe is a good break to me too, been working non stop since the showcase.
The invitation was made by someone that being so supportive towards what I am doing.
Datuk Noraini is the loyal customer that always bought the book that she could use for her daily duty.
10 books that comes with the tote bag:)
I am sorting out stuff to be sent to 4 different places.
I love some of them, I hope the new owner or buyer will love them:)
Some goes to souvenir shop buah tangan in Putra Jaya Convention Centre run by my good friend, Zaklein.

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