Sunday, December 21, 2014

Book Binding Workshop at Fabric Fanatic

French Stitch Slot
Natalie, Carolyn, Sam, Jia Yi & Sonali
Kettle stitch slot - with Joselyn

Long Stitch Slot
Husna & Fairuz
Celeste from Long Stitch Slot
Pi Chuey jr came visited me… Pi Chuey is one of my earliest student, she have a very good craft sense and very skillful. My first time met her adorable daughter, I wish I can talk long and spend more time but was running around in between the workshop. I have more than 800 students but she's remain friend,
I am so glad to witness her wedding and getting to know her family. 
Celeste, Kah Lay, Yoke San, Emma, Fairuz & Husna

That was Joanna, Teh, Elaine & Michelle
Sonali, Natalie & Sam
I had such a great session of my last book binding workshop for 2015 at Fabric Fanatic...been too busy and I did not capture much photos. Few faces turned  up from previous workshop.. and there are many new faces too, came passionately wanted to learn book binding skill. 

So glad to get to know all of them..

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