Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello Sunday

I did not captured any picture from my workshop at Setia Eco Park today.. I expecting the small crowd of 8 kids but end up with 26 kids instead…So glad that I brought enough material:)

Been so busy since my book binding workshop, last weekend. I completed few custom orders before taking one week break start tomorrow, before Syamil & Arissa back to school. All custom order need to be cleared off so I can spend time with my parent without any distraction.

The task was to compile single sheet paper into proper book. I had to stitch every page to another paper before folding it into section. Client chose Hedgehog fabric, and so happy with the outcome:)
Ajeerah ordered this for her friend's wedding gift.
Chenta Mashie used to order A4 book before. She wanted B5 size this time.

I really hope the book will reach US before Christmas.
I really hope the book will reach US before Christmas.
Client from Port Dickson was ordering 2 leather books 
She wanted the pink book that look a bit corporate. I design 4 version for her to choose one.
This is custom order for a VIP, last minute order and I managed to complete it on time:) yeayyy

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Michelle T. said...

Hi Kak Syam,

Sorry for being so bluntly honest, but, in your opinion, is there a way to prevent designs from being copied?

Just thinking as I look to you as inspiration (designer, book binder, etc) and I always wonder how do you prevent people from copying for example your adventure book design or your screen print design.

I plan on making bags out of painted canvas, but as I'm painting geometric designs, I'm afraid people might copy directly. If indirectly such as pattern difference or colour difference then I'm still alright but sometimes I have read on the internet there are cases of directly copying. Maybe you could provide some advice?

(Sorry for being so panjang lebar in talking, just didn't know any other ways to ask.)