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Challenging Week..

Still adapting to fasting month, starting with raining and now it beginning to be quite hot and warm. Felt like my productivity kind of slow... Arissa and Syamil adapting quite well, instead of just feel extremely thirsty, feeling hungry is not that bad. Blame it to the hot weather. I hope the second week going to be better. I had allergic last yesterday and the day before and it make it even worst:( Getting injection from doc and now I am recover.


Concentrate on my teaching and finish up some graphic and quotation... I am such a lazy ..seems everything moving so fast around me but I am stands still just to watch time goes by.

I am putting my craft aside... But there are many things in pipeline need to be executed. Will share more once I've done with it. Take care peeps//syam


Lady Windsor said…
Amboii Arissa tu...cubit sikit..hihi. Syam, hw r u? Hope u doing well...selamat berpuasa!
Little Syam said…
Oh dear, you are back, cepatnya masa berlalu...dah baca your post, hope your health are better.. I am doing ok..alhamdullillah.. cuma a bit slow sangat....malas semacam....kerja ada pun buat macam tak ada...ha ha ha... We shall meet for buka puasalah.... teringin gak nak berpuasa kat luar, lepas tu pergi terawih sekali kat masjid mana-mana... mmmmm...
Blossom inch said…
Salam Ramadhan Kak Syam, you take care and I love to read your blog!
Blossom inch said…
Salam Ramadhan Kak Syam, you take care and I love to read your blog!
Little Syam said…
thanks dear, I am so lemau during puasa.... so slow, the momentum really slow you have a great Ramadhan too Yuzz:)

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