Friday, July 06, 2012

13th Venice Biennale

I am so glad I've completed 40 book at last. What a relief that I could deliver all on time. Rachel such an Angel come to help me out, stayed back till late night on Wednesday & Thursday.

Shasha dropped by on 1st day helping out the silkscreen. I am glad that Syeken came, even I know she such a busy women, running around taking care of kids...

binding time
I have added on more colours this time
matching thread and elastic band
this is our VIP guest, she just come and go and always seek for attention
...manja sangat
grey cover too
I am definitely can't make it without their help. I am glad to be surrounded by all this angels. It going to be an eye opener just incase I got more custom order like this in the future. I definitely charge too low comparing cost and time spend too. But yes this labour of love was such a fulfilling task. It such relief to see the task completed and the final look. Some retard here and there and dont expect anything like a factory can create. But definitely can feel the love and soul:) I am happy.


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