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Spring Cleaning

You probably did noticed I had published all pictures taken from instagram lately... I am still obsess of how fast I could capture almost anything, everything and can be uploaded right away. But another obvious reason my card reader has gone kaput.

I am so blessed and embrace Ramadhan as much...2 days that full of meaning, practising ibadah with moderation in all aspects. Alhamdullillah Arissa & Syamil are coping well too:)

I had a wonderful weekend try to settle thing from my long list to do.  I am slowly cleaning up and rearrange the pot and plant. Take my time squeezing in my pre loved small metal table I bought from OutDated. Now I have corner for my laptop...

Have rearranged my craft room too. But arrrggggh where can I put all the rubbish. Can't do much and it looks exactly like it was before... I have to learn to get rid things I do not use...loadsss of paper and my craft material is in mess....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Sometimes when we are too busy, we tend to sweep all the dust under the carpet. What we need is a time break to clean all the mess because it just hidden and stays there unless we do something about it...

Have a productive week..heeep hepp hooray:) love//syam


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