Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Month of Ramadhan is the month I really looking forward to. Time to pause & reflect, to see life from the bottom humble level, to be grateful and have clearer perspective of my purpose in this earth... to become a better mom and wife...being moderate and always being thankful....Salam Ramadhan all:)

Book done & delivered to Claire from Utah...this with black paper:)
Another one to France for Marie & Guillaume
It was the season, love looking at the tree full of flower. It felt like spring in Japan.
It was like pretty cherry blossom in pink and white
Commision job for Hui Ling
Birthday treat to Emi Kaz at Kenny Rogers
Our Adventure Book ready to fly:)
Final look of the book ready to deliver
Instagram make it even more beautiful
Ready to fly, hope Guillaume & Claire will be happy:)
Coptic & Kettle Stitch
Bunga Agong, dried but the colour and smell remains:)
Hair clip from Gigi:)
Bought this in Daiso 
White colour flower
Dinner with Gigi at Ben's

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