Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello there:)

I've been quite with not much story to tell...not much progress on craft to show, all half way done due to the hectic schedule I had at this moment.

I am so looking forward for my book binding workshop tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Excited to meet new people, to share my passion toward hand bound technique. I apologise to have to turn down a few people. Comfort is always a key for my workshop. But don't worry there will be more workshops after Raya break.

First time having my workshop at Fabric Fanatic. Kelly, fabric fanatic owner is my crafter friend and she used to attend my workshop before too. She was selling craft supplies especially beautiful fabric and good news is fabric used for cover going to be sponsored by her... yeaaayyyy:) I am sure it going to be very interesting...

I am going to have 44 attendees for both slot for two days. Overwhelming responses, extra 4 peoples than it supposed to be..But to spread them over 2 days, 4 slot.. this is just a nice number.

I had good news to share:) I had received 2 orders for my Our Adventure Book, from French &  US and I am excited because both are purchased under my ETSY's shop. I don't have much product featured in my ETSY.. So the two order in one week such a big deal to me. I promise to upload more exciting products during puasa.

A few projects in pipeline for next week, an overdue guest book, 2 Our Adventure Book, 1 A5 Kettle Stitch, quotation for my graphic design job..meeting with client..and YES teaching on Thursday at Dasein, too. I had my first class with my 4th baby, new students last Thursday.. love the energy this time around...I am sure will have a great time teaching them this semester...

Love this colour and texture
Arent this beautiful?


Here my Instagram; pardon my obsession..It does simplify my life, just snap and upload to facebook
right away...Many more to explore..pardon me I am an old skool:)

Have a great week peeps..//love //syam

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