Thursday, March 31, 2011


Life kind of easy at this moment, when most of the jobs seems pretty settled except for one or two. I do not involved in much bazaar lately...I am happily lazy, taking my time thinking and creating. There are a few customised order of Dolltopia Kitty Cat family (6 of them) need to be finished and delivered before I fly to Bangkok... and more bag design and books. Collaboration work as guest artist to Oh n Ah craft store also need an attention.. but I am taking my time.....that's why I really looking forwards of this pause... Everyone does need a pause in their life to chill and relax, mesmerised and looking back..and that what I call strategy.

Here I would like to share my recent creation just a simple books, plain with hand silkscreen of illustration, limited edition of only 20 units. Very handy, a perfect simple note book for you to jot down your ideas, notes & lists.

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