Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Busy...busyyyy day

I've been so busy, rushing for job to be delivered...Hanging mobile DONE, Wind Chime DONE and now moves on making 50 notebooks for birthday doorgift to be delivered to Terengganu...

1) 20 Wind Chimes completed..delivered to Red Envelope, Ikano Power Centre
2) I had a difficult time sourcing up the aluminium rods for wind chimes..still searching

1) Beads for wind chime
2) Japanese binding- tortoise style, sample proposal for Japanese Restaurant Menu Design
3) Looking out from window, rain has pouring heavily almost every evening..
Looking forwards for Penang Trip this Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Time to take a break looking beyond my existing view. Hopefully after came back I have better and fresh interpretation on my upcoming display for ecoDesign campaign....

Take Care All..love//syam

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