Wednesday, March 16, 2011

150% FOCUS:P

hello all
Another 2 days to go before ecodesign event ...and so many ideas need to be executed ....phhheeewww. I am on total silent mode and totally shut myself out from phone call, email, facebook ...mmmm...from now:P... My studio are extremely messy with precious scrap...all gonna turned to become a books...

precious scrap:)
All this while I've been created books for commercial, selling purposes..and it is time to do something that got more artistic value and expressive interm of message...Right time, right place and hope it will turn out as what in my thought...

straw papers & silkscreen mould...
Running around to pick up books from students... some are just for display and some are for sale...5 students submitted their work so far... going to post picture of each book soon.

messing around with illustration

Some hint of what I gonna display...Still at the very beginning/early stage... gonna work very hard this 2 days... Lets the creative rocks and rolls:)

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