Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello There:)

Samsiah Jendol, / Well known as LittleSyam, Samsiah is a home-based designer who balances her life by taking on design jobs to express, exploring art and craft to feel and teaching art workshop to connect. She believes that every designer can play an important role in creating new design values towards making the earth a better place to live in. Her bookbinding workshop is designed to share the skills with individuals who love working with their hands. This conventional way of making a book is one way to contribute towards eco design, without much wastage, use of eco-friendly materials plus consuming zero energy.

Hello there... kind of busy this week with preparation for Eco Design Campaign. It was such an honour to be invited as guest artist for this event. Hope to see you there:) As for my session..there are Q&A at 2.30pm... and display of few handmade books by students from Little Syam Book Binding Workshop..and my personal book... I am sure the whole event going to be an inspiring moment... with many activities..and the most important thing to show how design could contribute in convey a green message not only for design community but also to public in a whole....Excited? I am so excited


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