Monday, March 21, 2011


Magnificent city skyline from Ampang Hilir

Hello there.. I am kind of exhausted a bit..with many things running around in my head... What happened to Japan kind of shock to me..The place kind of close to me and I still try to absorb of what was happened and keep wondering.. For these never takes thing for granted..we are so lucky with condition of our country, and do not ever make the situation worst by negative assumption and  comments.. and keep praying for the world peace. Pushing off all negative thinking and be grateful. Live a life to the fullest because we never know what going to happen next.
Sharing session & prize giving ceremony

Nice moment captured.
Above: Lina eco footstool prototype
Below: Rebecca with her gorgeous paper mache new line 
Purely creative...Love her creation:)
Eco Design Campaign held at Weld even just a small scale event but it was a big step...Eco awareness kind of very low in Malaysia. It has a deeper meaning than just recycled. For designer we have power in our hand and thought..where all green messages can be conveyed in a form of visual or just a simple picture. We also have choice to persuade client to choose the green approach concept, as simple as choice of paper we use for flyer or to decide to use friendly material for product we gonna create and so on..

The event have make a point that designer/crafter/creator could play an important role to make this world a better place to live in.

World Peace// Love Syam


Mescrap said...

Thank you for the hours spend to bring me to such nice place in KL.

Little Syam said...

my pleasure lay hoon, wanted to go there, next time we make a date, and really explore the place...kind of miss to eat indian vegetarian on daun pisang:)