Friday, March 02, 2012

Our Adventure Book - Paul & Sam

 Despite of having problem with sewing machine I managed to deliver this very special book of Paul & Sam "Our Adventure Book". I hope they will happy with the outcome.

Travel far far away to California, to be used as a wedding guest book and will be loaded up with pictures, love and happy stories.


Cheryl Leong said...

very pretty :D so much sweat and blood :)

Brittney Kayla said...

how much would it be for you to make me one? it doesn't have to be sewed though (: maybe printed or something

Brittney Kayla said...

how much would it be for you to make one of these for me? it doesnt have to be sewed though it can just be printed or something

Little Syam said...

Hi Brittney,

Here are my etsy shop where the same book was listed

I am on the midst of making a simpler & cheaper version of "OUR ADVENTURE BOOK". ..with silkscreen effect and no custom name". I will do the post real soon so please check me from time to time ya.

carolynn said...

What kind of stitching did you do for the pages & how did you have only two holes on the front cover and the pages look like 4 holes??

Little Syam said...

Hi Carolynn,

it's actually 6 hole of coptic stitch binding.